TEDxSydney 2016

Hailed as the best ever global TEDx Event

Common has a truly integral role as the design lead for TEDxSydney 2016. Hailed as the best TEDx ever The Opera House welcomes over 4,000 people to share in inspirational ideas over one spectacular day.

Art direction,
Brand design
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The concept for 2016 was ‘Together’. All speakers and content was curated around the concept. All our creative executions across different touch-points touched on the surrounding vernacular of ‘Together’ and what that means creatively, typographically and conceptually.

We decided that directing and curating leaders in the creative industry to collaborate via simple brand elements, whilst empowering them to deliver the visual narrative with individual solutions, weaving these solutions together through connection. For the Opera House opening titles - we developed a simple transitional framework collaborating with and directing some of the most talented directors and motion designers both locally and internationally. A truly collaborative process in the spirit of ’Together’. Our section was created by hand, shooting over 400 stills using hand crafted traditional means. Other contributors: Buck, Mark Boey, Collider, Lucinda Schreiber, Finn Spencer, Never Sit Still, White Chocolate and Husein Alicajic.‍

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'We worked closely and collaboratively with Mark and the team at Common for the entirety of its critical run at the Sydney Opera House. These were formative years for the brand, laying a solid and exciting foundation for future years. Common consistently demonstrated a deep understanding and appreciation of the nuances of TEDxSydney, and that was manifest in the quality and sophistication of its design work over that seminal period.'

Remo Giuffré, TEDxSydney Founder & Director