TEDxSydney 2017

Creativity that matters

TEDxSydney 2017 outgrew the Sydney Opera House, and moved location to the newly built ITC. The theme of the event was 'Unconventional'. The event was vast so needed a visual narrative that was simple, elegant and dynamic.

Art direction,
Brand design
Partnered With
Scott Geerson

Common developed the visual language for all materials on and off site, and teamed up with Scott Geerson from Substance to develop the on screen creative.‍

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'We worked closely and collaboratively with Mark and the team at Common for the entirety of its critical run at the Sydney Opera House. These were formative years for the brand, laying a solid and exciting foundation for future years. Common consistently demonstrated a deep understanding and appreciation of the nuances of TEDxSydney, and that was manifest in the quality and sophistication of its design work over that seminal period.' ‍

Remo Giuffré, TEDxSydney Founder & Director
Scott Geerson