TEDxSydney 2014

Vision worth spreading

We were introduced to the TEDxSydney team as design lead in 2014 - Taking the role of creating the holistic visual language of TEDxSydney across all touch points including the event day on screen brand visuals in the Opera House.

Art direction,
Brand design
Partnered With

We designed the brand document for 2014 which in turn created the base grid for all touch-points, from event day screen creative to all media outputs. A simple typographic deconstruction of the ‘X’ which makes up the ‘individual event’ symbol of the global TED brand, creating a device that worked with the idea of TED that anything is possible if we spread ideas wide enough. Breaking the x into > greater than and < less than symbols connoting the content between the symbols represented freedom of ideas. This concept was spread across every touch-point.

Creative collaboration. Common: concept, design and creative direction | Actual: compositing | Rumble: sound. A truly great collaborative team to work across such an iconic brand.‍

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'We worked closely and collaboratively with Mark and the team at Common for the entirety of its critical run at the Sydney Opera House. These were formative years for the brand, laying a solid and exciting foundation for future years. Common consistently demonstrated a deep understanding and appreciation of the nuances of TEDxSydney, and that was manifest in the quality and sophistication of its design work over that seminal period.'

Remo Giuffré, TEDxSydney Founder & Director