Punjab FC

Building India’s newest football dynasty from scratch

Punjab FC sports academy was acquired in 2021 and Common as creative lead for The Stable by EB was commissioned to re-imagine the academy from blank canvas. From brand and identity to tone of voice, we worked through the brand process developing visual symbolism that celebrated the 5 rivers of the Himalayas feeding the Spirit of Punjab with vitality and life. A powerful brand presence for a new holistic footballing force in the Indian I League. The identity system transcends the sporting disciplines through the brand to house Punjab Tennis and Hockey academies.

Punjab FC Sports Academy
Art direction,
Brand design
Partnered With
The Stable by EB

Sign of the times

The five lines symbolising the rivers became the glue that cemented the visual identity across all touch-points including kit and apparel design, and the Spirit of Punjab was born. Punjab FC won promotion to the Indian Super League in it's first year. A collective win for all.

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The Stable by EB